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You can get your PhD while working.

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Welcome to SCENTIA!
23 years of experience in the field of promotion mediation.

Do your doctorate alongside your job.

Increase your career opportunities and social standing with a doctorate in your desired field. Fulfil your dream of a doctorate at European universities.

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With SCENTIA to your doctorate

We offer academics the opportunity of an efficient, part-time doctorate with your desired subject.

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    Increase your social standing

    Earn the highest academic degree and enhance your reputation and expertise.

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    Career advancement and higher salary

    Increase your income and gain better career opportunities through a part-time doctorate.

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    Access to new networks and customers

    New connections and networks await you during and after your dissertation.

The SCENTIA guarantee

We only impart doctoral programmes that comply with the third stage of the Bologna Agreement


Recognised universities

Our clients do their doctorates at recognised European universities. This means that there is legal certainty that the title awarded can also be used legally.


100% focus on your promotion

We take over all administrative processes for you. In addition, you do not have to do any time-consuming side work such as giving lectures or correcting homework.


Minimum local presence

You do not have to attend compulsory lectures, etc. The necessary local presence is reduced to a few dates spread over the multi-year term.


Short doctoral period

The doctoral theses in the doctoral programmes we arrange should generally not exceed 150 pages and can usually be completed in 2-4 years.


Promotion with desired subject

We support you in your search for a suitable supervisor for your desired subject, take care of the entire administration and accompany you personally on site.


Support in complicated cases

At state-recognised universities in Central-Eastern Europe, graduates with a final grade of "sufficient" also have the opportunity to be admitted to a doctorate.

Our graduates speak

We only arrange doctoral courses that are assigned to the third stage of the Bologna Agreement.

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At first I was hesitant to make such an investment, but today, two years after successfully completing the PhD process at SCENTIA, I am convinced that I could not have invested the money better. The number of my mandates has increased by 50% during this time, and the trend is upwards. Big thanks to the SCENTIA team, who were always helpful to me during my doctorate and ensured that everything ran smoothly.

Sybille D., lawyer, Göttingen


For a good two years now, I have been completing the part-time doctoral programme for a doctorate in economics at SCENTIA. As a businessman with a busy career, I appreciate the flexible timing of the process, which I can tailor to my agenda. For me, studying is also a change from everyday life.

Ludwig G. Managing Director, Munich

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At SCENTIA, you benefit directly from the opportunity to place your own topic. Especially the focus on the part-time doctoral student and the intensive on-site supervision make SCENTIA's part-time doctoral programme highly recommendable in my view."

Rainer B. Tax consultant, Cologne

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We will be happy to send you further documentation. In addition, we offer you a free consultation to discuss and identify topics.

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